“The Guardian”

This numbered casting is permanently affixed to the framing structure along with the family heritage panel. The casting shown is able to list 9 to 12 family members. Larger panels are available per order. Brass name plates are individually scribed w/ dates of birth, nick names, birth weights, etc. Any specific groups or Grandchildren, or Classmates, or Team members, or entire Families may be listed.
* Available in Solid Urethane Bronze Casting only.

$1,295.00 with active Bronze Butterfly

Mounted Brass Plate Inscriptions @ $20.00 per plate

There will only be 99 castings of this sculpture. Currently on piece #8

Sizing for 12 plates…. 42 1/2″ T. X 19 1/2″ W. Ship Wght. W/crate 45 lbs.